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Marijuana Pens are simple, discreet, and make use practically odorless and invisible.

The Marijuana Pen fits easily in your pocket or purse for on the go vaping.

Concentrates up to 90% THC gets you high in seconds, often on the first puff.

With three types of vaporizers, one will be just right for you.

About Us

MarijuanaPens is bringing cutting edge technology straight to you. The E-Cigarette trend has taken the nation by storm, making “vaping” the new standard. We are here to extend that trend to Marijuana. Marijuana Pens are simple, discreet, and make use practically invisible. (What exactly is a Marijuana Pen? Read more here.)

That sounds simple enough, until a quick Google search reveals more vaping options and equipment than you could ever dream. Sound exhausting? At we believe it’s time something came easy. And that’s our expertise.

We have done your research and found your answers. There are three main types of vaporizers: Portables, Pens, and Desktop. We’ll breeze through each one, and easily identify which vaping style will be your new best bud.


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