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Benefits of the 2015 Marijuana Pen | The Future is Here

01 Apr Benefits of the 2015 Marijuana Pen | The Future is Here

Welcome to the future. Smart phones unlock with fingerprints, vehicles are equipped with Wifi, and Marijuana can be vaporized anytime anywhere. The Marijuana Pen is a revolution to its industry, making use available at all times. Just as E-Cigarettes have become an everyday occurrence, Marijuana Pens have too.

What is a Marijuana Pen – the technical stuff.

There are 3 components to the Marijuana Pen. The first is the battery. The battery is rechargeable, and its job is to heat up oils inside the clearomizer.

Clearomizer is a fancy word for the container that holds oils. Like the name, it’s a clear container with a vaping tip, or mouthpiece. It has a wick system, much like a candle, that draws the oil and allows it to be vaporized.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for-Hash Oils. Hash Oils are a mix that is derived from the Cannabis Plant, or more commonly known as the Marijuana Plant. There are multiple types of oil used in Marijuana Pens, for more details look here.

Why should I use a Marijuana Pen – the fun stuff.

The answer to this question is, why wouldn’t you? Marijuana Pens are discreet and almost odorless. It is nearly identical to the E-Cigarette and can be used on the go or quietly in your home.

No more bongs, pipes, grinders, leaves or messes! The entire design can be explained with one word, simplicity. Have I mentioned the best part? Hash oils are a concentrate.

Most likely you have been smoking the Marijuana Flower which contains 20% THC, the chemical that makes you feel good. With vaping, the concentrates can contain up to 90% THC. Quadruple THC means that you will get high faster, often on your first puff.

Whether you’re new to Marijuana or have been smoking since high school, portable and practically invisible Marijuana Pens are an exciting revolution. Check out how you can get one here.

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